Custom dog memorials, cat memorials for pet lovers

🐾Master, I will always be by your side! 🐾

❤️Amazing products personalized your dog memorials, cat memorials… all pets are welcome!❤️

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Why choose Us

Buddy Pet Shop is a handmade Personalized Dog Memorials, Cat Memorials brand that seeks to bring joy and happiness and memorials to crazy pet lovers.

Dog Memorial

100% handmade

Each personalized Dog Memorials & cat memorials are carefully created by artisans with 5+ years of experience, spend more than 40 dedicated hours on pet art.

Dog Memorial


Each personalized Dog Memorials & cat memorials go through 40 processes to completely restore the hair color, facial expressions and postures.Let your pet come back again!

Dog Memorial

Desined by the US

Digital modeling for your pet to create a separate model, design a unique work. Do not miss every detail, to create your own pet, your pet will never leave you.

Dog Memorials- Buudy Pet


"Master, do you miss me?"

❤️Celebrate your pet with a fully customizable, handmade 1:1 pet replica.


🐾"Master, Don't forget to have same water! "

Celebrate your pet with a fully personalized dog memorial portrait  canvas❤️



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We will create a replica of your pet that looks just like your pet.

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Pet is buddy, we will never abandon you!

Master, I didn’t go, I just accompany you in another way!

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