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Buddy Pet Memorials series 1:1 custom stuffed dogs


What is Buddy Pet Memorials?

Buddy Pet memorials series are fully handmade 1:1 custom stuffed animals’ replica which are made by artisans with 5+ years of experience and more than 40 dedicated hours per replica. We will create a replica of your pet from photos that looks just like your pet. We love our pets. They are a part of our family. We spend years loving and caring for them, and the unconditional love they give back to us is immeasurable. So, when the time comes to say goodbye to our pets, this is one of the hardest moments of our lives. This may be a time full of tears and sadness, but we owe it to our pets to give them a proper farewell. Pet Memorials _home

What are the features of the Buddy Pet memorials series?

Buddy Pet memorials series are soft plush made of Premium Fur, Premium Cotton. we create any pet miniature, also adjust the size, any color, and make pet position (standing, laying down, sitting), open mouth with tongue outside, add birthmarks and spots. Each artwork goes through 40 processes to completely restore the hair color, facial expressions, and postures. Let your pet come back again!

Pet memorials

Linda’s story with her Buddy Pet Memorial?

The most exciting aspect of our brand is the stories that we hear from our customers. We have received nothing but great feedback and fun stories.

Here is Linda’s story

My name is Linda, and my dog Lily is the birthday of my 14, my parents wanna give me a surprise. On that day, I receive a big box as a gift from my mom. I was stunned when I opened the gift box, a cute dog leaped up at me. What amazing at that time! I love it crazy! I was asked to name her, “She is Lily” I blurted out. “You have a little sister from day on”My family kicked up a row.

Pet Memorials-Lily

Later I learned that Lily is one of  Pomeranian, and it was a very docile puppy. Lily likes to rub my feet while I was reading.  When I stroked her belly, she was very excited. Since then, she has been inseparable from me, especially likes lying in my arms quietly when I am reading.Pet Memorials-Reading

Lily and my family get along very well, and my dad said that her personality is very similar to mine.

Pet Memorials-WithDad

I have a dream that travel all over the world with my sister Lily, now we have been to Japan and Australia.

Pet Memorials-JanpanPet Memorials-AUPet Memorials-withme

But there is no permanent banquet. Lily left me and went to heaven last April. In order to fulfill our promise to travel the world together, I made a Buddy Pet with a zipper so that I can put lily’ ashes into it, and our journey continues.


How to order a Buddy Pet?


Pet Memorials-order



Brand Name

Buddy Pet

Item Name

Buddy Pet Memorial 1:1 replica


Premium Fur, Premium Cotton


Premium Cotton


Custom 4~24 inch


Free Shipping

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