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Personalized LifeSize Dog Sculpture


Great product!We are very happy with Junior’s Buddy Pet! The markings on the animals are almost identical (especially the paws & tail!).



Oh my gosh it looked exactly like my moms dog who passed away. This is the perfect gift and will definitely be ordering from here again!! Thank you so much for everything you all have done!!❤️❤️

Buddy Pet

Teresa Green

PERFECT GIFT I received this as a birthday gift from my husband. My fur baby passed away this past Feb. at the age of 12. The stuffed animal looks just like him and has brought me a lot of tears of happiness!! This by far has been the greatest most thoughtful gift I have ever received. Thanks to my husband for ordering it and thanks to Buddy Pet for doing such a wonderful job!

Buddy pet 2


Hi I lost my Katie 2 month ago and decided to order a buddy pet, I am very happy with it. The buddy pet looks just like her, and even Katie has passed It makes me feel like I still have part of her.



We tragically lost our amazing pups this past August and we wanted something to remember them by. Buddy Pet did an AMAZING job with our babies!!! There was a slight over sight during the original making of them but they made the return/correct process flawless and I had my babies back in no time!!! I would recommend them to EVERYONE!!! Amazing! I love how they turned out! THANK YOU!!!



Wonderful and Perfect! It is an amazing likeness to my Bruin boy...he hates it, because he is jealous...but someday when he is gone, I will have a wonderful reminder of him...until then, it sits safely on the dresser where he just glares at it 🙂

Buddy Pet 5


Perfect We took in a child on the spectrum who had been through too much. Getting her to open up was what our dog did best. Our dog got her to smile and love again. However, every dog goes to heaven. My daughter now a high functioning spectrum teenager watched her best friend disappear in front of her and felt true loss for the first time in her life. We thought Buddy Pet would be a perfect way to help her hold on to the memories she had with her dog. Her best friend.

Buddy Pet 6


Although they made my buddy pet a little bigger than the size my dog was probably because scale is difficult to determine through photos , I was very impressed with the detail! It’s been very comforting for me!

Buddy Pet 7


A beautiful memorializing for Maddy! Thanks so much! Maddy was a great pup and my wife was very happy to see her likeness back in our house.

Buddy Pet 11


They did a great job on my Sasuke Buddy Pet. When I first got it the tail was incorrect, but a simple email and they responded very quickly and said they would fix it all I had to do was send it back with the label they gave me. It took a little longer to get back the second time than I expected. All in all the buddy pet is absolutely wonderful and as closer to looking like the real thing than even I expected going from an actual animal to a plush

Buddy Pet 8


I can't believe this place exists. I have bought jewelry, a blanket, everything possible to hold my man again, and this is it. They really pay attention to every detail they tell you. It isn't going to look exact, because no one can recreate your furbaby 100% but this is as close as it gets. And it's wonderful. I'm so so happy with my buddy pet. Lost my best friend of 17 years, and this let's me hold another version of him. Brings me comfort.

Buddy Pet 10


Omg! Omg! I can't begin to tell you how amazed I am. I LOVE YOU PEOPLE!! Please extend my gratitude to the employee that made my Capone's. It looks just like him. I cried so hard! He was my best friend ever, my ride or die! I'm still grieving his loss and omg I just can't thank you enough!! I can hug and hold him forever now!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

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